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Leading an SEO team is no longer as challenging as juggling numerous tools. SEOScrum seamlessly integrates all the puzzle pieces. Join our Beta for exclusive launch offers!

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Why SEOScrum?

Impress Clients with Results-Oriented SEO Task Management Tool


Add Projects

Comprehensive audits are provided upon adding each project.

Invite Team

Enable remote team collaboration on individual projects from anywhere.

Prioritize Tasks

Organize prioritized tasks into distinct task groups, known as sprints.

Manage Tasks

Effectively oversee a range of SEO tasks across teams, in groups and individually

Review Results

Review each task individually for outcomes and organize the positive ones.

Repeat Again

Perform the sprint routine for every one of your project objectives to foster growth.
Your Complete SEO Team Management Solution

All-in-One SEO Team Management Tool with


Agile Strategy in SEO

Apply Widely Recognized Scrum in SEO Projects.

Utilize universally recognized agile methodologies for enhanced efficiency in SEO tasks, facilitated by the simplified SEO project management tool, SEOScrum.

Scrum Approach for SEOs

You don't need to understand agile; just adopt the tool and straightforward task management. Each sprint or task group holds retrospective metrics for performance evaluation.

Incremental Development in SEO

Boost your SEO project outcomes through incremental development and start impressing clients with process-oriented SEO task management.

How SEOScrum Helps?

Simplified SEO Task Management

SEOScrum plays the role of a Scrum Master, providing a simplified task management system that enables you to experience the true benefits of Scrum methodologies, ensuring customer satisfaction

Scrum-Integrated Task Management

SEOScrum opts for straightforward task management language over intricate agile terminology. Simultaneously, it deeply integrates the Scrum methodology.

Scrum Board Potential Unleashed

Within SEOScrum's task management tool, Scrum boards enhance collaboration output, leading to increased success in SEO projects.

What big changes does SEOScrum make?

The Future of SEO Project Management

While most project management tools primarily target development teams, SEOScrum has been uniquely designed to cater exclusively to Digital Marketing Teams, SEOs, and Digital Marketing Officers.

Increased Productivity

SEOScrum clarifies roles, enabling efficient workflows, and empowering team decisions, minimizing bottlenecks and delays for smoother work processes.

Efficient Resource Utilization

The focus on eliminating unnecessary work and optimizing processes in SEOScrum leads to more efficient use of resources, including time and budget.

Why SEOScrum?

Switch From Tools Designed for IT Projects

While many project management tools are designed for IT projects or generic purposes, SEOScrum stands out as the dedicated project management software tailored exclusively for SEO activities.

Exclusively for SEOs, not for others

SEOScrum, exclusively designed for SEO Project Managers, offers tailored features. Our SEO task templates and flexible settings make it the go-to platform for SEO professionals.

Connect Apps for Automated SEO Metrics

Connect Google Analytics & Search Console to gather metrics for each task automatically. This data helps you see which tasks work well and which don't.
Simplify It with SEOScrum

Enhance Collaboration with SEOScrum


Register Now

Sign up and create your first project and begin with SEOScrum Audits.

Invite Team

Invite your team to join your individual projects from anywhere in the world.

Start Collaborating

Start making to-do lists, give tasks to team members, and see what happens.

World's First Tool

World's First Tool Designed For SEOs

SEOScrum is the world's first project management tool made specifically for SEO project management. At SEO, we were tired of using generic tools, so we created this one exclusively for SEOs. SEOScrum is tailored for SEOs and not for others.

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World's 1st colab seo tool

Frequantly Ask Questions

Do You Have Any Questions?

Transitioning from traditional methods to modern ones often sparks numerous inquiries. While we've endeavored to address the most pressing questions, there may still be areas we haven't fully explored. For a deeper understanding of SEOScrum techniques, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Yes, we offer both predefined SEO tasks and custom tasks that can accommodate any type of work for your team members.

Certainly! Clients get a dedicated dashboard to monitor team activity, progress, and statuses, with configurable visibility options.

It's unlike typical project management tools; it's designed exclusively for SEO. Task management and result tracking are tailored for SEO projects.

Not at all. Familiarity with Agile and Scrum is unnecessary. SEOScrum's approach ensures your projects achieve incremental growth with each sprint or task group.