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SEO Project Management Software

designed for agencies for team collaboration with analytics tracking with live client reports

Enhance team collaboration and automate metrics tracking with the world's first SEO project management software.

SEO Project Management Software
Agile for Excellence

Agile Minds, Aligned Goals

Win more clients with simplified Scrum-based SEO project management software for your agency operations.


Collaborate with your team on tasks designed specifically for SEO operations, complete with automated metrics tracking.


Execute tasks in sprints with automated, trackable metrics to analyze your team's progress in the right direction.


Ensure transparency and provide live updates of your entire team's works to customers, keeping them informed at every step.

Exclusively for SEOs

Ditch generic tools; they're only for task management.

Unlike software development, SEO projects require advanced automation for tracking metrics from various sources for every task executed by the team.

Evaluating team performance involves measuring their target objectives and the results they've achieved to ensure progress.

Adaptability in Action

Prioritize tasks in scrum sprints for better outcomes.

Join forces and work on tasks like sprints to tap into the strength of the scrum methodology. Break down your project's goals into objectives and organize tasks for each objective.

Group tasks into sprints with a short deadline for your team members. Start monitoring the SEO metrics given by SEOScrum, and use the insights to plan your next sprints.

Total Control

Unify everything in one tool, from SEO audit to client reporting.

Bring together Site Audit, Page Audit, Rank Tracking, Backlink Monitoring, and all your SEO tools in one place to ensure that teamwork is effective and beneficial.

Welcome your clients into your SEO Project Management Software's workspace, share your plans openly, and provide them with automated reports to keep them informed.

World's 1st SEO Project Management Software

Your project hub, simplified

Bring your SEO project management into one powerful agile app. Enjoy effortless organization with intelligent metric automation.

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Priorize for Customer Needs

Set your goals based on
customers needs and results.

Start using scrum and sprint planning, break your goals into specific objectives, and work towards achieving outstanding results.

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Promote Open Communication

Host daily scrum meetings online to keep the team updated

Connect your team through robust and transparent online communication channels, similar to Slack, designed for each project.

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Effective Feedback Loop

Enhance your sprint
retrospective with automated metrics tracking.

Connect multiple analytics sources and combine them for automated weekly SEO metrics tracking to study team performance.

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Coordinate Teamwork for Success

Take quick action and
change workflow for success

Elevate sales and stay ahead in the competitive market by being among the first to benefit from our game-changing solutions.

World's 1st SEO Management Software

Say goodbye to multiple tool subscriptions

Quit spending on separate SEO tools and project management software. Unify your team with real-time metrics.

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The e-commerce solution they provided was flawless. Our online sales soared within the first month.

Safaa Sampson

Account Executive

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New followers in the last 4 months

The e-commerce solution they provided was flawless. Our online sales soared within the first month.

Safaa Sampson

Account Executive

+ 0 k

New followers in the last 4 months

The team is exceptional. They understood our vision and delivered beyond our expectations.

Brendan Buck

Data Engineer

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Increase in user engament

Questions on Your Mind?

We've got you covered!

If you're taking a big step in your agency, you probably have many questions. We aim to address as many as possible here.

A unique solution unmatched by any other project management software or tool in the world for SEO projects, it bridges the gap between team collaboration and analytics monitoring. These are no longer separate entities.

Experience Scrum methodology like never before in a simplified form that connects all your tasks and sprints with your team. Set the shortest possible deadlines to quickly understand the outcomes.

SEOScrum is entirely distinct and unique compared to standard project management tools, as it's specifically designed for digital marketing agencies. All tasks and related modules are exclusively centered around SEO project management.

Yes, you can integrate Google Analytics and Search Console. More analytics connections will be added in the upcoming version to enhance task-specific metrics monitoring, fostering effective teamwork and comprehensive client reporting.

Agencies no longer need to rely solely on task management and manual analytics tracking for extended periods for decision-making. The missing link is now effectively bridged, connecting every piece of your team's work and ensuring positive progress.

Scrum methodologies aren't just for software development; they can also be adapted for digital marketing projects. To easily adopt scrum, begin with sprint planning, and note that the retrospective aspect is fully automated in SEOScrum.

SEOScrum simplifies the adoption of scrum methodology for SEO projects. It combines standard project management practices with scrum, a well-known agile methodology. SEOscrum simplifies the Agile SEO process, making it easy to adopt for everyone.

This software is suitable for agencies of any size, starting with site audits and organizing issues into tasks. It enables easy task management for individuals or teams, integrating regular project management with scrum and automated analytics.

SEOScrum tackles the major issue of data fragmentation in agencies. As an industry first, it centralizes all agency-related data in one secure, cloud-based location, ensuring the highest level of security.

There is no need for any customization in terms of project management. However, SEOScrum allows you to configure white-label customizations for your customer portal, enabling them to connect with the team and access reports.

Adopt Simplified Scrum

Scrum-ify Your SEO: Agile, Adaptive, Advanced.

Apply the power of scrum methodology with industry first SEO project management software and 10x your customers satisfaction.

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