SEO powerhouse on a budget: Building and managing a small team for big results

Low Cost SEO

The importance of SEO in a company’s marketing strategy cannot be overlooked. 

The truth is, that search engine optimization is a highly specialized skill that needs expertise or a potential team to really dominate the position of your site in SERP. 

Building a superstar in-house SEO team can yield significant results for companies that are in the position to do so.

Setting up such an SEO team will depend on three primary factors: The type of business you have, your market, and the strategy you plan to invest in.

These factors can also play a role in determining the size of your team. For example, huge corporations will ideally work well with tens of people, whereas small businesses can settle on a three-person in-house team.

Then again, at the end of the day, size isn’t really much of a big deal. What matters is that everyone in your team gets to work harmoniously to achieve your desired goals. Combining their strengths and skills can make all the difference.

But how do you build such a killer SEO team? That too within your estimated budget which is going to influence your website performance in SERPs.

To excel in SEO team management with a limited budget, you must prioritize SEO tasks, optimize the workflow, efficiently manage the team’s assignments, and maintain effective communication with both the team and clients. As a leading ladder for you, the blog endows you with the ways and the steps to build a strong team within your low cost SEO, to reflect in your results with progress day by day.

How can you plan for low cost SEO?

Your outcomes may protrude or bloom from an effective team launched on a small budget. Working on a low cost SEO project with a tight budget could be challenging specifically if you have to deliver the outcomes in a short time frame. 

Coming to the scene, framing a budget for your SEO can be a little tedious, especially for small agencies, but if you have handled and managed your team, mentored them, and tracked the progress at regular intervals, your small budget with a powerful strategy can give your preferred rankings. 

So it’s essential that you invest in a low cost SEO team focusing your limited spending areas on SEO that’s going to make a bigger difference for your brand and clients. 

Why should you build a potent SEO team and consider the cost for it?

An experienced SEO team, indulging in every SEO task, drives more organic traffic to your site, and likely helps in generating more conversions and leads for your business. 

For this, hiring an SEO team is not a small decision. 

Before hiring an SEO team, you have to carefully assess the business abilities for sustaining it and supporting those groups of professionals for the foreseeable future. 

Investing in your own SEO team is an important financial commitment that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

For example, the average salary for an SEO specialist may be around $60,000 for one year, depending on the experience and skills. 

Therefore, the total budget to build and maintain this SEO team could range from $60,000 to a staggering $2,40,000 for one year for the team consisting of one to four people. 

This estimate does not even account for the other potential costs like employee benefits, training and other overheads like office space. 

Building your squad for low cost SEO

In the past few days, simply having your own website evolved as the edge over the competitors.

But those days are long gone, and now to have an effectual impact on your site today, you not only have to create a potential SEO strategy on small budget, but also you require effective and smart team handling and management to bring out the opted results. 

Determine the budget

Discussing budget matters is exclusively crucial. 

Building the proper team won’t be possible without having the perfect budget. 

Of course, the right budget would enable the team to properly throughout the SEO journey. 

Budget planning and its development would require you to do extensive research. 

You’ll ought to benchmark the salaries of the top SEO professionals for the specific task or role. 

The expenses of such a team would differ based on what positions have been filled out and who fills out. 

The budget must account for the training required and common SEO tools so that your team members will always stay ahead on top of the SEO game. 

Consider the size of your company and team building 

The size of your agency or company is another primary factor to consider when you form an in-house SEO team. 

By the way, it could actually have a potential impact on the SEO plan outcomes. 

Your team depends on the budget and the size of the company as well to influence the results. 

Though it’s not possible to implement a large-scale SEO plan, hindrances may surface when you are scaling your campaigns correctly. 

If this occurs, you will not be seeing the outcomes you’re hoping to observe from your campaign, leaving you utterly disappointed. 

But also, if you take over a small business, you won’t have to worry about implementing a SEO plan, without the involvement of politics and management at play in an organizational hierarchy. 

You can maintain a small team, such that a smaller team means bigger budgets, which makes it easier to keep up with the SEO changes and updates as needed more efficiently. 

So, as the coach to lead the way, set your team for the success path, by establishing trust for execution. 

Give your team great flexibility after building it, and make them operate autonomously.

The significance of hiring talents on a tight Budget

Search engine optimization experts could be a total game changer for your organization. For your efforts to attain the success path, the low cost SEO team demands a peculiar path for the proverbial company table. 

Around 68% of online experiences start with a search engine. This means that if your site is not optimized for these search engines, you can miss out on significant traffic levels and potential customers. 

As an internal stakeholder, an SEO Expert with this potential team could support to drive the much-needed change for your company

To act as the change agent, the SEO expert you opt for ought to be assertive. 

When you hire an SEO expert, you have to gain the working knowledge of your expected process for your entire team, deliverables, and more. 

Sowing change with the team and internal SEO team is possible, however, it needs a strong foundational knowledge of what you’re looking at as the business goals.

A smaller-level SEO firm, for instance, can offer the same level of service as having an in-house person. Since the smaller team has few clients, they can get to know every team member personally and the lead has to align the efforts with the goals of the company’s mission and culture towards brand visibility.

Investing in potential team building

Investment to build an in-house SEO team, and hire talented professionals for each work of low cost SEO such as backlink creation, content optimization, content audit, and so on, is essential. Make everyone involved in the SEO process and frame SEO strategy on small budget for your agency. Generate a sense of excitement, when it comes to creating a potential team, collaborating with them, and creating workable SEO solutions. 

Reasonable salaries, attract the members to indulge in the work so that the company grows along with the team. 

Learn and earn model

Emphasizing the learn-and-earn model, continuous learning is a workplace culture for your team. 

The concept of “learn and earn” for your team management depicts the initiatives offering the team members the opportunity to acquire knowledge by learning new skills for your task or project while simultaneously earning profit for your brand.


It encourages the members to prioritize the ongoing SEO learning and its improvement. 

This continuous learning within the team can occur through different approaches, such as shadowing teammates, one-on-one discussion, group coaching, training programs, and other causal interactions. 

Searching for the right place to have better outcomes

Looking for better positions in the SEO team, such as content specialist, SEO analyst, manager, and other junior members in your agency, with different skills to enhance your work. 

Search for different skills, and career backgrounds of the members using candidate sourcing technology can be a better option for your team instead of advertising with job titles, by investing in high-budget 

Encourage continuous learning

SEO is constantly changing and evolving, so you ought to train your entire team to keep updated with the latest updates, innovations, and trends. 

Do encourage continuous learning by offering them regular coaching, support, and feedback to your team, regarding the improvements and pitfalls. 

Create a unique culture of collaboration and curiosity by encouraging them to share ideas in meetings, ask questions, and learn ideas from each other. Join the forums and communities about the progress of work, either through a platform or tool. 

Frame every stage of low cost SEO strategy for your team. 

Moreover, you can also reward the achievement of your team every time you get the work value, and celebrate the success by realizing the efforts, and offering career advancement opportunities and incentives whenever required. 

Learn and earn model is the best choice for the progress of your team, developing new skills, encouraging the talents of the team, and empowering them.

Increase the potential performance on the job and the competence of the job, with consistent SEO team training

MicroManagement evolution: Quiet monitoring to success

Micromanagement is a management style where a manager closely observes, supervises, and controls the work of their employees. 

Leadership is about control, and it is more about empowering the team, creating an environment fostering innovation and collaboration, and sharing a vision for your brand visibility. 

In my journey, it’s been evident that micromanagement evolution to leadership empowerment through delegation isn’t only a procedural shift, however it thrives as a transformation nurturing shared vision, trust and cultivates an ambient environment for team learning and team growth. 

Engaging self-driven workforce

Better engage employees to take ownership either as part of a team or as individually striving as the prominent part of developing a team approach. 

  • Making SEO Quality Personal
  • Practicing blameless Problem-Solving
  • Getting Clear on Expectations
  • Decision-making with employee SEO work Development
  • Communicating big picture
  • Collaborative approach 
  • Smart Work in Less Time
  • Encourage them to work Autonomously
  • Delivering Potential Results

Effective management is not about strict control over the members, rather it is about understanding, adaptability, and crafting an environment where every member possesses the opportunity to shine. 

The effectiveness of the Team in producing the potential brand visibility for multiple projects is determined by the GRPI model. This can be followed within the team, consistently, while you’re managing the team

Source: Building SEO Center of Team Excellence with  GRPI model. 

Differentiating micro management from leadership

New team members: When the employees are unfamiliar and new with the role in SEO works, micromanagement could be beneficial to guide the team members through the tasks and other responsibilities. 

High-risk tasks: in certain situations wherein mistakes or errors can result in serious business consequences. Leaders may take the responsibility to handle the task like the progress of the site, through the backlink monitoring process, step by step. 

Micromanagement also ensures all the encountered procedures are followed correctly. 

Deadline-driven low cost SEO projects: When the agency is about to have a tight deadline, to deliver the site outcomes within a specified sprint, micromanaging could aid us to maintain team focus individually, and make sure if the project stays on track. 

Complex tasks, necessitating specialized knowledge: If an SEO task needs specialized knowledge, like for instance, a content auditing process, that only the leader possesses, it might be more efficient to micro-manage all the work thus making sure it’s finished off correctly. 

Precise coordination: if some projects that demand small details need to be synchronized, micromanagement differs from leadership, which acts as an effective agency to ensure that all the tasks are done and progress as planned. However, stay on track with the coordination of all the members within the team.

Taskmaster with a purpose: Micromanagement with close supervision and leadership of clear task allocation could aid the team towards expertise.

Delegating tasks

Before you delegate any task, the leader has to know the preferences and capabilities of your team members.

What are the experience, areas of expertise, and skills of the team? 

What are the goals, learning needs, and motivations?

Individually what are the strengths and weaknesses and how can you leverage or address the traits? 

By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the team, you can assign the tasks that suit the interests and abilities and the ones that challenge them to grow. 

Prioritizing project tasks and match to the resources 

After allocation, prioritize and categorize the tasks according to the traits and timelines of the project.

Optimize the use of resources and time, and check the most relevant and important tasks are completed as first priority. 

By monitoring and communicating the tasks, you can foster collaboration and trust within the team and make sure that tasks are finished within quality and time. 

The skills of problem-solving can be enriched through close mentoring of the team and promote quality outcomes in the subtasks and the entire project. 

Foster a close-knit team with collaboration at every phase of the low cost SEO process. 

Strategies beyond micromanagement

Empowering team members

The managers of the project empower the team to encourage growth at every SEO data monitoring phase, independence, make decisions, and have confidence within the team.

Fosters a culture of trust 

Leadership within the team is based on respect and mutual trust which can lead to more harmonious team dynamics and a healthier work environment

Promotes innovation

The team leaders must foster a flexible environment where the team’s innovative ideas and creativity can flourish, allowing new solutions and new ideas to emerge for brand visibility in SEO trends. 

Enhances work satisfaction and morale

A good team lead can motivate and inspire the entire team, which could result in high job satisfaction, increased brand visibility, productivity, and improved morale. 

Encourages skill development

Leadership often involves coaching and mentoring, which brings employees new opportunities to explore and learn new skills and strategies in SEO. 

Enhances problem-solving skills

As a leader encourages the team often to solve problems independently, enhancing decision-making abilities and problem-solving skills. 

Investing in the development and skills of the team members

Leaders can keep apart micromanagement by equipping the team members with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the SEO tasks effectively.

Constructive feedback, opportunities, and regular training for professional development can enable the team members to work confidently and autonomously. 

Encouraging independent problem-solving

Empowering the team members to solve the issues in the SEO journey independently fosters a sense of ownership and it boosts confidence. 

Instead of jumping to fix the issues, leaders must encourage the team members to rise up with the solutions.

It can be accomplished by promoting a culture of open dialogue, where the team members feel comfortable proposing solutions and discussing challenges associated with it. 

Key PointsMicroManagementLeadership
SimilaritiesHigh Expectations, Decision MakingImproves Morale, Fosters Trust
ProsRisk Mitigation, Quick DecisionsEnhances Problem-Solving Skills, Encourages Skill Development
Situational BettermentBetter for New Team Members, High-Risk TasksBetter for Highly Skilled Teams, Long-Term Projects
ConsStifles Innovation, Low Employee MoralePotential for Miscommunication, Decision-Making May Be Slower
DifferencesClose supervision, Attention to detailEmpowers Employees, Encourages Innovation.

Tool savvy: Making every penny count

To make your team streamlined by managing all the tasks and schedules effectively, you have to keep track of all the project progress and their status. 

For this purpose, adopt an all-in-tool to manage your projects specifically for low cost SEO, and other SEO metrics tracking, saving your budget and maximizing your brand value for the clients. 

Frame SEO strategy on small budget by investing all your costs in a single all-encompassing platform that does all your SEO tasks and manages your project work in the same platform.

Teams should maintain the structure of the strategy plan to complete the projects on the schedule, specifically while you handle multiple projects in progress. 

Online Project management tools or software keep every member in the loop, helping you prioritize the SEO activities and depicting a general picture of all your SEO projects. 

Open-source alternatives and free alternatives

Explore the availability of open-source or free tools meeting the essential demands of the client without breaking the SEO team structure

Virtual benefits to do low cost SEO projects

Discuss the cost-effectiveness of building a virtual team, eliminating the necessity for associated expenses and physical office space. 

Right team structure 

To choose the right structure for the SEO team, assume factors, like the diversity of your offerings, resources available for SEO, and size of your organization. 

Remember, the goal is in creating an effective team structure enabling clear communication, efficient workflows, and efficient collaboration ultimately driving better SEO outcomes.

SEO case study examples 

1. Zephyr sees massive gains in SEO rankings, market share, and lead volume 

When leading a SaaS firm, Zephyr with its digital marketing strategy, lacked cohesion and was across the board. 

With goals and campaigns in place, it needs assistance to reign everything into an aligned approach and sharp team management.

With so many initiatives and team members at play, everyone seems struggling and hamster-wheeling to stay caught up. 

This lapse in cohesion crafted a hodgepodge of messaging and wasn’t bringing out qualified users as wished. 


Big picture strategy with effective team management and streamlines projects: 

The first thing they did was get everyone on board and explore the things to organize every member with different SEO initiatives and tasks to work together cohesively. 

With a collaborative SEO, aligned vision, they created a more unified strategy for all the SEO and digital marketing campaigns.

Landing page redesign and page optimization

They tackled the creative from the get-go and then involved in redesigning the landing page, which was working against zephyr, by not engaging the visitors. 

The lead form was convoluted and long.

With a dynamic, new, and engaging landing page design, Zephyr is able to see sudden results that double the search and lead volume than the original website landing page. 


  • 2.5% CTR
  • Consistent Positive Team Report results. 
  • $ 250 decrease in CPA
  • 100% increase in lead volume with a new landing page.  

2. Mommy’s Bliss builds trust with new audience through link-building

When you’re a mom-and-pop shop, digital marketing may be as easy as a Physical sign or Facebook. 

But when you start and put efforts into expanding, things will get highly hectic. 

Mommy’s Bliss sells high-quality products, and it experienced immense growth which spurred the full website design. 

These events can throw off your low cost SEO strategy. 

The strategy is framed by backlink and SEO team management. 


Backlinking for credibility: The firm expanded its audience, so the new user visitors may not have been aware of the credentials and strong values of the company. That’s why it needs to launch a backlinking strategy to explore E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness). 

Think about how to earn the confidence, of the brand before they purchase for their kids

Daily SEO team management

Offering all the clients an effective managing platform, to oversee the progress of team management, track work, strategize improvements, and catch any snags before any left out snags, before it will be developed to bigger issues. 

The company handles all the SEO oversight so that Mommy’s Bliss can focus on creating new and innovative products for its booming audience.


  • Doubled goal completions.
  • Over 65% increase in the organic sessions every year. 
  • Teamwork outcomes consolidated a 79% increase in the total rankings of keywords. 

Connecting the Dots: The All-in-One solution

Once you have determined all your SEO business processes, assessed the team members, and allocated the task, do a search on a single specific software for all your process needs. 

Power of one: Introduce the single tool concepts, for both SEO tasks, project management approach, and team management with CRM to track out the customer interactions as well. 

For example, your project management team might demand a separate tool enabling the below functionalities to constrain your low cost SEO strategy on small budget, given the investment is made only for the single-powered tool. 

  • Team collaboration
  • Task tracking
  • Reporting
  • Integrating options
  • Effective management of tasks
  • Team collaboration.
  • Technical SEO processes.
  • Backlinks monitoring.
  • Resource management.
  • Analytics and reporting.
  • Nested subtasks and time tracking.

Likewise, your SEO team may also need a customer relationship management(CRM) tool for managing and tracking the customer relationship. 

In this stage, it is essential to consider the flexibility and scalability of SaaS. As your business progresses, the software requirements might vary.

Therefore, opting for the proper tools that can adapt to the evolving needs of SEO is more crucial. 

Your low cost SEO strategy also depends on the affordability and functionalities of the tool for your SEO. 

It has to offer customizable integrations with other software and solutions for your SEO works. 

In addition to this, consider the ease of implementation and user experience, while you are opting for a proper tool. 

The success of the outcomes depends on the engagement of members and the adoption of the tool as well. 

Choose the user-friendly tool and intuitive tool for your team, reducing the learning curve and maximizing the brand visibility and productivity. 

Further to this, don’t forget to assess the data privacy and security features of the tools. 

Streamlined collaboration and communication

The all-in-one platform must streamline your team collaboration and offer a platform to streamline your team communication. 

When you have efficient collaboration, the efficiency of your work will be enhanced by having teamwork, minimizing email clutters, and maximizing team productivity. 

It has to inhibit the all-in-one project management system, giving your reporting capabilities to track your work and pass it on to the client, at regular intervals. It has to let you access all your SEO information and project data in a single location. 

There is always a platform like SEOScrum, to integrate large-scale online project management tools with niche, specialized solutions that your team has to employ for your team management and craft a prominent low cost SEO strategy. 

Accountability and transparency

The unified platform can promote open communication and check that every team member is on the same page. 

Now after you have built a team with better goals, you have to keep them accountable to perform this. 

It is good to consult the SEO leaders with such a low cost SEO strategy and track the work progress of team members at regular intervals for measuring progress. 

Plan your budget in any tool that helps your team to measure performance. 

The tool you select must be enhanced with transparency and project management tasks can be handled easier. It also should be easy to inform the team members about the minute project specifics and plans periodically. 

Additionally, it will prevent the conversations from being lost in chat rooms, email threads, or notes for the betterment of your SEO work. 

SEO strategy on low budget 

Now Once you have your goals of agencies,  team managed, and scope defined you have to plan your tasks and strategy for your low cost SEO project. 

Manage your team on a tight budget by involving your team in problem-solving and decision-making processes. You can accomplish this by soliciting the opinions, suggestions, or ideas of individual team members on how to achieve your SEO agency goals, save costs, and overcome hindrances. 

Another tip for managing your team on a tight budget is to reward your team for their contributions, achievements, and efforts. 

You can do this by expressing recognition, gratitude, and appreciation to your team members in different ways, like presenting success stories, testimonials, praise, feedback, or compliments. 

You’re all set to thrive with a world-class SEO team 

Based on everything you’ve just read, we can say that building a potent team at a low cost, necessitates meticulous time, planning, and of course investment. 

But also, following the above ideas make your job less stressful, for you..!

Oh, one more thing, before letting it go, make it a habit to push and motivate each single team member. 

Boost the team morale every time and then to keep them striving for their best and to keep going.

Related article: SEO team motivation.

Encourage the team to take new initiatives, experimental attempts, or responsibility for your SEO efforts, for your roles, outcomes, and project works. This might benefit you with a culture of collaboration, innovation, and trust among your team members and motivate them as a leader to work smarter and harder. 

This emerges as the best low cost SEO strategy to come out and implement in your team crew. Your teamwork is facilitated with all feature-encompassing tools, having an affordable cost. 

Such that your tool must facilitate keyword research, competitive analysis, content audit, and technical SEO, identify the opportunities and gaps in your niche, and manage the works of your SEO. 

Bottom line

There’s no shortcut to winning an SEO on a limited budget rather than a robust low cost SEO strategy with a potential team, regardless if you are a start-up SEO or a well-known brand.

To be successful in SEO, you need a collaborative, strong relationship between in-house SEO teams and client crew. 

The relationship ought to be built based on a shared expertise team, effective team management, full team transparency, team SEO efforts, shared goals, and an unwavering commitment to celebrating the joint SEO success as part of the team. 

Manage all things in your SEO in a powerful, integrated, and automated SEO project management software like SEOScrum and cut costs without needing to move apart from overloaded efforts. 

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